The mission of Enjoying Insanity is to erase the stigma and shame associated with mental illness and addiction. We believe that by empowering every person to celebrate their eccentricities, we are accelerating a powerful movement toward acceptance, enlightenment and recovery. We reject “normal” and champion for the extraordinary. To all of the beautiful weirdos, resilient warriors and free spirits on earth, we are here for you.

Mental illness touches the lives of most people in some way throughout their lifetime. Even if you aren’t affected yourself there is a good chance you have a friend or family member who has a mental illness. You know that your friends and family aren’t defined by their illness and that they have great things to share with the world. At Enjoying Insanity, we know that too. We want our products to help support awareness.

Enjoying Insanity Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Tammy Benoit

Tammy has worked in mental health treatment for more than 15 years and seen countless individuals fall through the cracks of a profoundly broken system. Frustrated with the shortcomings of U.S. health care but committed to helping those struggling with mental illness, substance abuse and self-doubt, she co-founded Enjoying Insanity in 2016. Armed with a deep-rooted belief that “normal” doesn’t exist, Tammy set out on a mission to erase the stigma of mental illness and empower people to celebrate who they are through fashion.

Tammy brings a unique perspective to her role at Enjoying Insanity, drawing from her formal education and various clinical and administrative positions within the mental health system. For more than a decade she worked in a poor inner city on the front lines of community mental health outreach, emergency clinical services and crisis stabilization with all kinds of populations, including the homeless.

By shattering the silence associated with mental illness and encouraging people to wear it proud, Tammy hopes Enjoying Insanity will accelerate the development of more innovative mental health services globally.